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Good quality Complete TV Series DVD Box Sets for sales
Good quality Complete TV Series DVD Box Sets for sales
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musicals dvd box set

3 Concert Disc Musicals Dvd Box Set Original Recording Remastered

  • 3 Concert Disc Musicals Dvd Box Set Original Recording Remastered
  • 3 Concert Disc Musicals Dvd Box Set Original Recording Remastered
Product Details:

Stevie Nicks Bella Donna

1.) Description (Editorial Reviews)


BELLA DONNA: DELUXE EDITION uncovers unreleased versions of “Edge Of Seventeen” and “Leather And Lace,” as well as rarities like “Blue Lamp” from the Heavy Metal Soundtrack and “Sleeping Angel” from the Fast Times At Ridgemont High Soundtrack. This deluxe edition also includes a concert from 1981 that features performances songs from Bella Donna along with several Fleetwood Mac favorites.



2.) Special Features

Disc: 1

1. Bella Donna (Remastered)
2. Kind of Woman (Remastered)
3. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) [Remastered]
4. Think About It (Remastered)
5. After The Glitter Fades (Remastered)
6. Edge of Seventeen (Remastered)
7. How Still My Love (Remastered)
8. Leather And Lace (Remastered)
9. Outside The Rain (Remastered)
10. The Highwayman (Remastered)

Disc: 2

1. Edge of Seventeen (Early Take)
2. Think About It (Alternate Version)
3. How Still My Love (Alternate Version)
4. Leather And Lace (Alternate Version)
5. Bella Donna (Demo)
6. Gold And Braid (Unreleased Version)
7. Sleeping Angel (Alternate Version)
8. If You Were My Love (Unreleased Version)
9. The Dealer (Unreleased Version)
10. Blue Lamp (From "Heavy Metal") [Remastered]
11. Sleeping Angel (From "Fast Times At Ridgemont High") [Remastered]

Disc: 3

1. Gold Dust Woman (Live 1982) [Remastered]
2. Gold And Braid (Live 1982) [Remastered]
3. I Need To Know (Live 1982) [Remastered]
4. Outside The Rain (Live 1982) [Remastered]
5. Dreams (Live 1982) [Remastered]
6. Angel (Live 1982)
7. After The Glitter Fades (Live 1982) [Remastered]
8. Leather And Lace (Live 1982)
9. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Live 1982) [Remastered]
10. Bella Donna (Live 1982)
11. Sara (Live 1982) [Remastered]
12. How Still My Love (Live)
13. Edge Of Seventeen (Live 1982) [Remastered]
14. Rhiannon (Live 1982) [Remastere


Actors Format
Emily Blunt Full Screen
Rebecca Ferguson Bluray


  • Audio CD (November 4, 2016)
  • Deluxe Edition edition
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Format: Original recording remastered
  • Label: Rhino Records - No SAI

Customer Review


1.) There isn't a lot a Stevie Nicks fan can say about 'Bella Donna' that hasn't already been said over the past thirty-five years. The album is brilliant from start to finish and proved Stevie had what it takes to break away from Fleetwood Mac every now and then to satisfy her own creative needs. We've had these songs for years. Finally we have the entire album beautifully remastered - and the remaster is so beautiful it's like listening to the album for the first time again.

Disc One is the original album in all its remastered glory.

Disc Two contains real gems. There's a previously unreleased studio takes of "Gold and Braid," "The Dealer," and "If You Were My Love" along with alternate versions of "Think About It," "How Still My Love," "Leather and Lace," and "Sleeping Angel." The disc also includes an incredible demo of the title track as well as an 'early take' of "Edge of Seventeen." Rounding out Disc Two are remastered versions of the original releases "Sleeping Angel," which went to the soundtrack for 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' and "Blue Lamp," from the 'Heavy Metal' soundtrack. If you're a lover of demos, alternate takes, and unreleased material this will be your favorite disc.


2.) Ask any Stevie Nicks fan what her best solo album is, and it's generally going to come down between 'Bella Donna' and 'The Wild Heart'. There isn't much to say about the songs themselves that hasn't already been said, so my review is here to address the sound quality of the remasters. These two albums have never sounded better. Most of 'Bella Donna' and a large chunk of 'Wild Heart' previously turned up remastered on the 1998 box set 'Enchanted', and the 2007 greatest hits 'Crystal Visions', and while those were an improvement over the flat and treble-heavy sound of the original CD's, the results were boomy in the case of 'Enchanted', and maximized-to-death on 'Crystal Visions'. The remastering on these new 2016 deluxe releases are absolutely perfect: the right amount of low end has been used without overpowering the rest of the mix. This is the closest I've ever come to hearing a digital version of either of these albums that match the natural and crisp sound of the LP records. Amazing, amazing mastering work by Bill Inglot, Steve Woolard, and Dan Hersch.


3.) Now, after 3 hit albums with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie did a big solo album of her own in 1981. It is perhaps her best solo effort, though she would continue to have success with later albums, most notably "Wild Heart" after doing "Mirage" in 1982 with Fleetwood Mac.
We not only get a newly remastered CD album, but 3 CDs and nicely done liner notes to boot! Whoever personally worked on this set deserves major kudos from me and 5 stars just for the packaging.
CD 1 is the complete original album, remastered in all it's glory!

Theatrical Trailers Musicals Dvd Box Set Blu Ray With English Language

  • Theatrical Trailers Musicals Dvd Box Set Blu Ray With English Language
Product Details:

Traveller Chris Stapleton

1.) Description (Editorial Reviews)


Bill Paxton gives a career-topping performance as Bokky, a beguiling con artist whose skills with a scam is legendary among the Travellers, modern day gypsies who make a good living swindling unsuspecting victims throughout the rural South. But Bokky's solo routine is interrupted by the arrival of Pat, a young drifter from the "outside" who has returned to claim his birthright as a clan member. Taking Pat under his wing, Bokky and his eager new accomplice carve a path of riotous larceny and trouble-bound romance across the region, until they fall under the spell of outlaw Traveller Double D. Now, taking their petty thievery to an infinitely more dangerous level, the two men set in motion a brilliant but deadly new scam that will put their loyalties and their lives to the ultimate test.


2.) Special Features


Just before the first chorus, the camera panned back, revealing a man in a weathered leather cowboy hat and full, thick, long beard hovering in the background. Mr. Bryan began to set the table for the song s emotional reckoning: Don t feel like going home/So I m gonna ...
And then came the ghost in the rear, singing in devastating harmony with Mr. Bryan loud to his soft, agitated to his wounded, twangy to his clean, scratchy to his smooth: ... sit right here/on the edge of this pier/and watch the sunset disappear. If you listened to Mr. Bryan sing that part alone, you d think that was a sad, lonely act. But listen to his background singer alone, and it would sound searching, frenzied, almost frightened.
That was Chris Stapleton singing behind Mr. Bryan. Mr. Stapleton was one of the writers of that song, along with other songs that cut to the emotional quick sung by Josh Turner ( Your Man ), Darius Rucker ( Come Back Song ), Kenny Chesney ( Never Wanted Nothing More ) and more.
And Mr. Stapleton has, for years, been a voice in search of a spotlight. Once the frontman of the bluegrass band the SteelDrivers Adele covered a SteelDrivers track, If It Hadn t Been For Love Mr. Stapleton has put in work in a rock band, the Jompson Brothers, and plenty of time in Nashville songwriting rooms.
Now it s his turn. After a false start with What Are You Listening To?, a debut single that fizzled, Mr. Stapleton is arriving this spring (May 5) with his debut solo album, Traveller (Mercury Nashville). On this howling, earthy, spacious album, Mr. Stapleton s voice is liquor-thick and three-drinks limber. That s not the modern country model of manliness, which is preening and glossy, but a reminder of the genre s haggard strain that long predates it. --NY Times

Special Edition Tv Dvd Box Sets Collection With English Subtitles , OEM ODM Available

  • Special Edition Tv Dvd Box Sets Collection With English Subtitles , OEM ODM Available
Product Details:

Elvis Presley The Album Collection


1.) Description (Editorial Reviews)


This 60th Anniversary 60-CD Deluxe Edition celebrates RCA Victor's signing of Elvis Presley-The King of rock 'n' roll.

Features all of the albums Elvis recorded and RCA released in his lifetime: studio, soundtrack, and live. It also includes compilations released that featured unreleased songs or songs new to the LP format.

The Album Collection represents album sales in the U.S. of 135 million! Collectively, Elvis has RIAA certified sales of singles, EPs and albums equaling 25x multi-platinum, 52x platinum and 92x gold awards given for U.S. sales alone! Estimated worldwide sales are in excess of one billion!

Highlights include: Elvis' iconic first two studio albums, Elvis Presley and Elvis released in 1956. All 17 of his film soundtrack LPs including Loving You, King Creole, G.I. Blues, Blue Hawaii and Roustabout. The legendary NBC-TV special Elvis; the 1969 American Sound sessions that spawned From Elvis In Memphis and Back In Memphis; and 1970s triumphs On Stage (1970), Elvis As Recorded Live At Madison Square Garden (1972) and Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite (1973).

Original album packaging has been painstakingly restored including gatefold/die cut sleeves, original RCA Victor inserts, stickers and more. CD labels replicate original side 1 labels.

The Album Collection also includes a 300-page deluxe fully illustrated hard cover book with complete insightful commentary, discography and recording session data. Elvis Presley-The Album Collection represents a level of artistic achievement unparalleled to this day. This unique and comprehensive collection provides testament to Elvis' innate talent.


2.) Special Features


60 Discs include:
1. Elvis Presley (1956)
2. Elvis (1956)
3. Loving You (1957)
4. Elvis Christmas Album (1957)
5. Elvis' Golden Records (1958)
6. King Creole (1958)
7. For LP Fans Only (1959)
8. A Date With Elvis (1959)
9. Elvis' Gold Records Volume 2- 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (1959)
10. Elvis Is Back! (1960)
11. G.I. Blues (1960)
12. His Hand In Mine (1960)
13. Something For Everybody (1961)
14. Blue Hawaii (1961)
15. Pot Luck (1962)
16. Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)
17. It Happened At The World's Fair (1963)
18. Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3 (1963)
19. Fun In Acapulco (1963)
20. Kissin' Cousins (1964)
21. Roustabout (1964)
22. Girl Happy (1965)
23. Elvis For Everyone (1965)
24. Harum Scarum (1965)
25. Frankie And Johnny (1966)
26. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)
27. Spinout (1966)
28. How Great Thou Art (1967)
29. Double Trouble (1967)
30. Clambake (1967)
31. Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4 (1968)
32. Speedway (1968)
33. Elvis Sings Flaming Star (1968)
34. Elvis (NBC-TV Special) (1968)
35. From Elvis In Memphis (1969)
36. From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis (2 discs, 1969)
37. Let's Be Friends (1970)
38. On Stage (1970)
39. Almost In Love (1970)
40. That's The Way It Is (1970)
41. Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (1971)
42. Love Letters From Elvis (1971)
43. C'mon Everybody (1971)
44. I Got Lucky (1971)
45. Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas (1971)
46. Elvis Now (1972)
47. He Touched Me (1972)
48. Elvis: As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (1972)
49. Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite (2 discs, 1973)
50. Elvis (Fool) (1973)
51. Raised On Rock (1973)
52. Good Times (1974)
53. Elvis: As Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (1974)
54. Promised Land (1975)
55. Elvis Today (1975)
56. From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (1976)
57. Moody Blue (1977)
58. '50s Rarities (new collection)
59. 60s Rarities (new collection)
60. 70s Rarities (new collection)

Home Entertainment Blu Ray DVD Collection English Subtitle For Children

  • Home Entertainment Blu Ray DVD Collection English Subtitle For Children
  • Home Entertainment Blu Ray DVD Collection English Subtitle For Children
Product Details:


1.) Description (Editorial Reviews)


Autumn 1944. World War II is nearly over in Europe but is escalating in the Pacific, where American soldiers face an opponent who will go to any length to avoid defeat. The Japanese army follows the samurai code of Bushido, stipulating that surrender is a form of dishonor. Killing the Rising Sun takes readers to the bloody tropical-island battlefields of Peleliu and Iwo Jima and to the embattled Philippines, where General Douglas MacArthur has made a triumphant return and is plotting a full-scale invasion of Japan.



2.) Special Features

  • Across the globe in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists are preparing to test the deadliest weapon known to mankind. In Washington, DC, FDR dies in office and Harry Truman ascends to the presidency, only to face the most important political decision in history: whether to use that weapon. And in Tokyo, Emperor Hirohito, who is considered a deity by his subjects, refuses to surrender, despite a massive and mounting death toll. Told in the same page-turning style of Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, Killing Patton, and Killing Reagan, this epic saga details the final moments of World War II like never before.


3.) Specification

Actors Format
Emily Blunt Full Screen
Rebecca Ferguson Bluray


  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.; 1 edition (September 13, 2016)
  • Language: English

Customer Review


1.) Of all the history books and "war books" I have read in my 72 years, this one touched me and horrified me the most! I say this a formerNavy SEAL with five tours of duty in Vietnam -- two with SEALS and three as a combat photographer!! THIS BOOK IS BRUTAL!!!! The authors describe in minute detail actual battles, living condition, the action, the smells, oders, everything!!!! I came very close to crying and vomiting several times so far and I have only read about 20 % of the book so far! It is if you are transported in a time machine back in time to the political meetings, the battles, the fire bombings of Tokyo, background of the lives of the troops on both sides, etc. You read of the haughtiness of MacAuthur, his idiosyncrasies and things you never knew before! Surely this is their best book!! READ IT! You will have a major new perspective on the men who fought in the Pacific in the era!! I lived eight years in the Philippines. I heard first-hand accounts of the atrocities committed by the Japanese. I marched the same route the Bataan .Death March took troops made! I damn near died from a heat stroke doing the March under the best of circumstances! But that was my fault! Imagine what it was like for malnourished, wounded troops with no water!! The brutality of the Japanese was unsurpassed at that time!!! My mother in law told me of the Japanese throwing babies in the air and impaling them on their bayonets!! She has always refused to buy Japanese products until her death!! I have found that most Filipinos from that era feel the same way. READ THE BOOK!!! Lean something that is real and true -- NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT LEST WE OFFEND OUR JAPANESE NEIGHBORS!!!!!


2.) During one of his recent Factor programs, Bill O'Reilly announced that his new book with Martin Dugard is entitled "Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan." This book specifically examines the Pacific Theater, and it places special emphasis and focus on the painstaking analysis, difficult judgement calls, and crucial tactical decisions which formulated the strategy that ultimately brought about the defeat of Imperial Japan by the United States and its Allies. As has been the case with their previous historical works, Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard have written a truly outstanding book, which is decidedly informative, gripping, and thought-provoking, and which provides a unique perspective on the pivotal events of the final year of the Pacific Campaign. They employ a very straightforward and conversational style of writing, which most readers find candid and engaging. In addition, they make this incredibly harrowing and horrific war experience very real for their readers, by including numerous back stories and personal experiences of the actual United States Marines, Army Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen who served in the Pacific Campaign. There are also many vivid accounts of the unimaginable suffering endured by the civilian victims of this tragic conflict. By virtue of the fact that Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard have reignited an interest in history with their series of "Killing" books, they have made an invaluable contribution to millions of readers, with their depictions of the momentous and transformational events of the past. For this extraordinary achievement, they are to be truly commended! I enthusiastically give "Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan" a five star rating, along with my highest recommendation.


3.) This book is a great historical read!! Except for one glaringly unintentional mistake. I have e-mailed Bill O'Reilly five times about it, receiving no response.
On pages 44-45 Bill states the Japanese launched balloon bombs that were to be carried by the jet stream to the West Coast of America with the intention of causing mass havoc. Bill states on the bottom of page 45, "The so-called fire balloons were indeed launched. Most did not reach America, and those that did inflicted little damage."
Ask the people that live in Bly, Oregon how much damage was done. Northeast of town, there is a monument dedicated to the six people (5 kids and 1 pregnant lady) who were killed by a Japanese balloon bomb. It is called the "Mitchell Monument" and is dedicated to these unfortunate individuals out for a picnic. These six people were the only American casualties killed on American soil during WWII. Bill needs to publicly acknowledge this sad fact that was overlooked.....

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